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Implement agile cloud-native software development, continuous integration and continuous delivery approaches to deliver innovation faster with predictability.

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From cloud-based start-ups to large legacy Fortune organizations and government agencies, we can help you apply 21st-century tools and technology practices to achieve better outcomes aligned with your organization’s goals — whether your focus is on adopting Agile DevOps practices, cloud-native strategies, deployment automation or simply achieving better business alignment between IT and the rest of the organization.

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From strategy to delivery, we bring together the diverse expertise and services you need to move your business forward.


Strategic Management Services

Transformation Planning

Digital Products & Services Design

Enterprise Architecture Strategy

Organizational Change Management

Configuration Management Services


Information Architecture

Interaction Design

Research & Consumer Insights

Service Design

(Usability) Testing


Application Development

CI/CD (Build, Source Control, Artifact Repositories)

Cloud-Native Application Engineering

Microservices Architecture

Containers, Kubernetes, and Istio

DevOps & Site Reliability Engineering

Performance Testing

Application Security Testing (SAST, IAST, DAST, and RASP)

Systems Integration Engineering


Agile Coaching

SAFe Agile Scrum Facilitation & Process Design

Requirements Facilitation & Management

Application Lifecycle Management

Application Release Automation

Digital Compliance

Digital Product Delivery

Quality Assurance

Develop and deliver faster. Operate with confidence.

Developing software in increasingly complex systems is difficult and failure is inevitable. When failures occur, it can be difficult to understand exactly what caused the problem and then restore service.  When done right, DevOps and Continuous Delivery make software releases frequent, predictable, and error-free.


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Optimize DevOps Operations

Docker & Kubernetes

Containers: A Better Way to Build & Deploy More Resilient Software

Traditional IT infrastructure can’t easily configure and scale to meet the resource demands of fast-paced CI/CD processes. This hinders DevOps productivity as teams grapple with scaling tests, dialing in service levels, and configuring container storage for test generation and execution.

Docker containers and Kubernetes orchestration inject unprecedented levels of flexibility and agility into enterprise applications providing an efficient workflow to get the code from developer machines to the test environment, and rapidly into production.

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DevOps is poised to play a strategic role in IT modernization efforts across government

More than just a methodology for developing applications, DevOps provides a means of better aligning an agency’s development efforts with its most key priorities.

Accelerate software delivery while reducing costs, driving efficiencies, and managing security, risk, & compliance mandates

By integrating an organization’s development and operation teams, and by incorporating a new generation of tools and automation, agencies are able to create a more iterative and dynamic development process—one that can adapt more easily to evolving mission requirements.

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Automating CI/CD streamlines delivery of NextGen software.

Faced with a mandate to reduce patent pendency, the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office contracted Steel Thread Software to help it increase software quality and frequency of releases delivered to production by using modern Agile and DevSecOps approaches powered by open-source continuous integration, configuration management, and continuous delivery tools.


IT approach not well aligned to meet agencies’ needs in the digital age. Outdated technology, organizational constructs, and processes designed in the 20th century have not kept up with the demands of the modern workforce.


We partnered with the client to manage the transition to Continuous Delivery approaches. Our team designed and executed change management strategies with a focus on continuous integration and automated testing. We introduced DevOps tool chains to automatically and reliability build, test and deploy agency software products while driving greater IT efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability via customized continuous delivery workflows.


An automated software delivery solution that meets the OCIO’s enterprise CM compliance standards, and provides the ability to know exactly what differences, if any, exist between application environments and who changed what when. Reduced time to deliver mission critical software from months to hours.


As user’s needs increase, feature deployments become more frequent. Automating these deployments then becomes mission critical. Having an automated CI/CD strategy plays a crucial role in DevOps teams today and eliminate the bottlenecks typically associated with delivering software without compromising quality.


Building a collaborative, Agile culture in the DoD.

In 2009, the U.S Department of Defense, Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) established Forge.mil, a collaborative development environment and social coding platform that now supports over 20,000 software DoD IT professionals around the world. Steel Thread supported the DISA Forge PMO as the strategic agile development team to envision and develop the highly successful, awarding-winning Forge.mil service capabilities.


Enabling adoption of open-source and commercial Agile software development best practices within the DoD’s highly complex delivery environment (including a rigorous information assurance compliance and Waterfall heavy process culture).


Implemented a a feature-rich collaborative Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) toolset including a secure, centralized repository to store software source code. DIACAP certified on NIPRnet and available on SIPRnet.


Minimized duplication of effort waste across DoD by promoting the discovery and re-use of source code artifacts. Established a DoD marketplace or application store (“AppStore”). Cultivated hundreds of communities of interest (COIs) serving as “incubators” for future development initiatives


Forge.mil’s customize agile collaborative development environment was IOC approved and put into action in under four months — a notable accomplishment given that a typical DoD software project schedule is measured in years.

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