Who We Are

Steel Thread Software is a tech savvy, entrepreneurial, educated and independent-minded cohort that is driven to “do good” and operate at the intersection of technology and business. Since our inception in 2009, we've provided innovative solutions that have had a transformational impact on the way our customers do business. Our software development and delivery solutions enable our customers to re-gain control of the development life-cycle and automate the release of complex software applications with "the push of a button".

The result: Increased operational efficiency, predictability, and agility combined with a significant reduction of risk and cost through fully automated software releases that are reproducible, repeatable, and predictable -- every time!

about scrum

In a truly self-organizing system, the operative rule is that everything is subject to review all the time, in real time.
~ Daniel Mezick in an Agile Coaching Lesson: Self-Management is Authority-Distribution-By-Consent
What We Do

Steel Thread wants to remove the apprehension and headaches that inevitably occur prior to new software being released. Our approach combines proven Agile best practices and processes with modern software life-cycle development and delivery products that foster team collaboration and include task management, version control, application release automation and real-time process monitoring features.

It’s a modern approach that offers a new way of thinking about organizational infrastructure and software development and delivery processes. That's why leading Federal agencies and Agile teams use our products and services every day.


The Way We Work

We believe that relatively small, nimble team of experts embedded within an organization are powerful catalysts for change, and frequently achieve results faster and more efficiently than a much larger team. Our team is inspired by our work and one another each day. Working together, we’re determined to transform software development into a collaborative, transparent, automated experience.

We believe software development is a "contact sport" that requires active participation along with a desire for continual improvement and willingness to accept change.