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About Us

A few words about us...

Steel Thread Software, Inc. is a privately-held, certified small business headquartered in Dulles, VA. Since 2008, we have consistently delivered quality Information Technology services to leading US Federal Government agencies. Our history has been to provide best practices and offer emerging technologies that meet the mission objectives of a diverse customer base.

Steel Thread Software has a secure and successful track record of contract wins, as well as aligning ourselves with proven open source software and leading technology manufacturers. We continually remain on the forefront of emerging technology, and enjoys a reputation for offering manageable, reliable, and cost effective solutions to the Government’s most challenging issues.

Steel Thread Software provides software development, agile coaching, and IT consulting services to commercial and government agencies. We specialize in solving complex business problems with unmatched speed and precision, and our expert strategists, coaches, and programmers are fully committed to our customer’s success. We value trust and personal responsibility in our relationships, and utilize proven agile methodologies to ensure solutions are delivered on target, on time and within budget.

Success is part of our name....

A "steel thread" is a software engineering concept that implies implementing thin slices of functionality through an entire system solution stack to prove out that the chosen components will work together. For example, implement a basic "hello world" web application that's comprised of not only the user interface but also includes connectivity through the business logic and data persistent layers (i.e, database) as well.

Implementing thin "steel threads" that transverse through all layers of the system -- as a first step -- allows the development team to ferret out critical technical issues and risks before falling in love with a paper design. This establishes the key foundation and building blocks and provides the team with utmost confidence as it moves forward. This is critical to Agile development teams as they build new features and functionality with each Sprint or iteration.