Agile Software Development
Rapid delivery of measurable business value

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  • Release planning
  • Feature estimation
  • Iteration planning
  • Velocity tracking

Test Quality

  • Test-first programming
  • Manual exploratory
  • Automation functional
  • Regression


  • Test-first programming
  • Emergent design and refactoring
  • Pair programming
  • Common codebase
  • Continuous integration


  • User-centered design
  • Journey maps and value streams
  • User stories versus "requirements"
  • Conceptual design and system metaphors
  • Rapid protyping and design

Agile Services


We help our clients build custom software solutions and provide full software lifecycle development services, starting from requirements gathering to system deployment. We apply lean principles that drive innovation and allow you to rapidly develop, validate and deliver mission capabilities. We help our client's software development teams improve their agile understanding and skills.




We provide Agile training and certification options for professionals and organizations who want to elevate their agile knowledge and master the skills to excel in the modern digital era. Our Agile coaches are veteran practitioners ready to share their practical, hands-on experience.


Need software delivered quickly? Our experienced teams bring all the skills needed for success.  Our Agile Software Developers, Testers, Product Owners, and ScrumMasters have experience working together and rapidly ramp up to meet your needs.


We work directly with your organization to understand its vision of Agile success. We then assess your teams’ ability to practice Agile methods, watch your teams in action, and gather information necessary to produce your Agile adoption roadmap.

We’ve reduced the time it takes to build, test, and deliver mission critical software from months to hours. It has completely transformed the way federal agencies think about building a more digital government.

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Deliver higher quality, more secure, software faster!

We focus on what's important to you - delivering working software quickly and helping you build the most important features first.


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