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Building High Velocity Teams with Docker & Kubernetes

Use Docker and Kubernetes to Shift Left and Automate Deployments

Docker has several advantages over virtual machines: It’s easier to deal with, starts up faster, and requires fewer resources. Using Docker also can give testers more confidence in their releases. Developers use the same environment that will be used in production, which streamlines code delivery and shifts QA left.

Kubernetes container orchestration is one cornerstone for modernizing traditional applications. Kubernetes orchestration and management capabilities are required to deploy production-grade workloads at scale. Start building a high velocity team today and reap the benefits of faster application development and delivery with Kubernetes.

Deploy applications automatically by policy, delivering the latest features to production quickly

When your CI/CD tools are automated to work together seamlessly, you can significantly improve your team’s quality and productivity.  Achieve faster deployment of containerized applications through repeatable and consistent delivery from laptop to scalable production across multiple clusters.

Automate it or manually push, all with your preferred CI/CD tools. With the right tools working together, you can significantly improve the development team’s capability to deliver high quality software more frequently.

Unlock Developer Productivity and Operational Efficiency

Containers are proving to be transformational for those who are ready to take advantage of such platforms. Make DevOps a reality in your organization by adopting containers.


Ship Faster – Eliminate manual processes throughout the development and deployment cycles with automated build, test, artifact management, and deployment tools.

Reduce Risk – Open-source tools like Kubernetes provides a secure, repeatable, and traceable deployment pipeline to prevent lock-in.

Improve Quality – Advanced-release strategies such as blue-green deployments and automated canary analysis help achieve safer rollouts with automated rollbacks.

Build and Deploy Securely – Identify package vulnerabilities in your container images.

Scale Easily – Don’t let tooling get in the way of your scaling requirements, our containerization approaches evolve with your growing needs, whether it’s high performance or scale.

Containers can help you better scale your people and your compute resources by simplifying and standardizing application delivery and management. Schedule time with our Containers Practice Lead to learn about how you can start with containers.