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Continuous Release and Deployment

  • Toolchain selection and validation
  • Continuous Integration
  • Automate build, deploy and manage cloud infrastructure
  • Pipeline orchestration with virtual environments
  • Configuration and release management

Continuous Testing

  • UI and integration test automation
  • Performance testing
  • Service virtualization
  • Test optimization

Continuous Feedback and Optimization

  • Service request and change management
  • Incident tracking system & delivery tool development
  • Application performance tuning
  • High-availability & redundancy planning

Continuous Monitoring

  • Gain real-time operational and security insights
  • Ensure availability through visibility of applications and infrastructure
  • Monitor and alert on key metrics and KPIs
  • Real-time application and delivery dashboards
  • Provide transparency to stakeholders

DevOps Services


Ready to start the transformation to a DevOps and Continuous Delivery culture? We’re experts in automating software development and delivery lifecycles so new features can be released at the touch of a button.  Learn from our SMEs how to incorporate the best of industry-leading DevOps tools, such as Docker, Chef, Puppet, Jenkins, Vagrant, and Packer.


Understand key pain points and a clear plan to move forward with all the tools and processes you need automate to your delivery infrastructure.


Automate your end-to-end delivery cycle to ensure uneventful deployments and effortless rollbacks.


Gain control and visibilty into even the most complex infrastructures  while elevating your team's skillset and performance.

Continuous Improvement becomes the requirement for the entire organization - and IT is no longer an afterthought, it is a key part of accomplishing the mission of any organization. DevOps is a good paradigm that shortens the disconnects [and keeps you from falling behind].

Dr. David Bray


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David Bray


Deliver higher quality, more secure software faster!

Establish a  culture of  ‘continuous improvement’ with cohesive teams that work to make enterprise processes faster, more efficient, and more reliable. DevOps promotes cross-team collaboration focused on building automation needed to eliminate repetitive, error-prone manual tasks, and reduce the amount of time spent producing low-value supporting artifacts.

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