Our Process

Our Process

The Agile Envision Process

Too often software projects fail because the development team never really understood what the customer wanted or became mired in a technological quagmire that crippled the final product.

Agile Envisioning couples user-centered design with technology exploration to ensure that the right product is built with the right technology.  It is a fast, iterative, front-end activity that allows the design team to establish a clear product vision and roadmap before major development begins.

After the Envision

We are experts at understanding and facilitating a phased Agile transformation approach necessary to move a project, program, or entire enterprise to the Agile process and Continuous Delivery model.  It's all about the people, process, and tooling that we use in working together with the customers' Sr. Leadership to remove barriers, gaps, and redundancies necessary for the Team to successfully embrace the Agile process and Continuous Delivery.  

The anticipated outcome of moving to a Continuous Delivery model includes:

  • project program portfolio managementBusiness goals and objectives are successfully completed outcomes and are brought in line via successful adoption and implementation of Continuous Delivery
  • Working secure and stable software products at every release
  • Enabling your enterprise to be more proactive and less reactive in its planning, operations, customer support, growth, and budgeting
  • Increasing customer retention and growth via more reliable, scalable, targeted products
  • Achieving increased revenue and profit