Software Architecture

Developing Software Applications for Our Clients

Using the Agile software development process, we build custom web, desktop, and mobile software applications for our clients. We specialize in:

  • Agile consulting and coaching
  • Agile software development, Continuous Delivery processes
  • Software solutions that solve complex business and/or technical challenges
  • Application development powered by primarily open source technologies

We take a pragmatic approach to developing IT solutions designed for flexibility, and our proven Agile process ensures that your project will become a success.

We provide services to address the challenges companies face as they look to develop, implement, and support information technology systems and software...including the long lead times often required by both start-up and established companies to convert their critical business concepts into quality software products.

Architecture and Design

Leveraging capabilities in service-oriented architecture, we assist clients in maximizing the value of their IT investments through the design, development, and deployment of flexible, agile, and adaptable architectural blueprints and transitional road maps.

Systems Development and Integration

We design and build technology solutions that are aligned with an organization’s business strategy and architecture to deliver information that meets business demands in a timely manner.

Enterprise Solutions

Clients turn to us to diagnose and resolve a broad range of enterprise-related issues as well as the complex challenges facing large-scale IT system implementations.

IT Infrastructure Solutions

We support clients in the acquisition, implementation, and operation of communications networks, computer platforms, and operating systems to enhance connectivity and maximize the utility of applications to process and exchange information.

Cloud Computing

We offer a full spectrum of services to support cloud computing initiatives, including strategy and planning, application development, infrastructure services, and security services.