Social Networking Comes to


Social networking is coming to, the collaborative platform operated by the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), designed to improve the ability of the Department of Defense to rapidly deliver dependable software, services and systems in support of net-centric operations and warfare.

DISA has rolled out two test versions of what it calls Community Forge in recent weeks, and plans soon to provide it to all users of the twoyear-old collaborative platform, which is bringing the open source software approach to DoD software developers.

In a recent interview, DISA Chief Technology Officer David M. Mihelcic outlined the social networking initiative: “We have leveraged the Drupal content management system to insert a social networking layer in, which will allow for additional and much richer collaboration between software developers, not just internal to a project, but across projects. So you’ll be able to discover what’s going on across the software development community and locate experts who are working on problems similar to yours, as well as potentially gain support and get questions answered, in much the same way that social networking is being exploited in many enterprises and by the public.