Agile Development

Agile Development

Our Preferred Process - Agile!

We know that communication, collaboration, and teamwork are key to any program or project success.  The Agile software development process combined with the Continuous Delivery model maximizes any organizations ability to build and sustain products that not only meet their customers needs, but are scalable and supportable.


Agile is a process requiring:

  • People
  • Teamwork
  • Communication, and
  • Collaboration

Agile Team members work together to access and scope as a Team the Product Owners requirements and priorities.  This is known as the "Envision."  During the Envision, themes, uses cases, stories are discussed, reviewed, scoped and prioritized.  The culmination of the Envision is a product road map, development and release schedule incremented by iteration (please see below).  The Team commences development in a series of iterations, or Sprints (2-4 weeks in length) to build the Product Owners product culminating in Product Release.  Daily Stand-up Meetings are held so the Team can synchronize the days prioritizes and activities.  Work is reviewed weekly with the entire Team including the Product Owner.  Obstacles are flattened as they present themselves and the outcome is useable, tested software ready for production deployment at the close of each Sprint.

Once you go Agile, you may never go back!

The success of the Agile process is further maximized when instrumentation, or tooling is tailored to capture the projects code commits, artifacts, documentation, tasks, trackers, etc.  Steel Thread Software through its history of practicing Agile and using a variety of instrumentation solutions, knows the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to tooling solutions.

Agile & Continuous Delivery

This is Steel Threads "sweet spot!"  The culmination of years of experience using the Agile process supporting numerous customer engagements coupled with the benefit of working with a broad array of tooling solutions has led us to where we are today.  Steel Thread is a leader in Agile process integration with open source instrumentation supporting project, program, and even enterprise tooling solutions to support the Agile Transformation and Continuous Delivery process.