Why partner with Steel Thread?

We proudly partner with large, mid-size, small and Disadvantaged/Minority Business Systems Integrators to build innovative products and services that help agency customers meet their strategic Agile, DevOps and Continuous Delivery adoption and transformation challenges.

We Are Agile DevOps Experts

Agile, DevOps and Continuous Delivery – it’s all we do! We provide targeted services that address highly complex business requirements. We have strategically chosen to focus on improving and accelerating the software development process. Our end game – produce better software, faster.

Culture of Innovation

We are able to convert the latest thinking into practical, actionable plans to build software and effect change in corporate culture.

Technical Knowledge and Proficiency

Our team members have well over a decade hands-on experience in improving the software development using agile processes, DevOps and Continuous Delivery automation.

Exceptional Past Performance

Our proven ability to successfully lead the Federal government in their journey to adopt and implement agile, DevOps and Continuous Delivery spans both Civilian Federal agencies and the DoD.

Solution Partners

Are you a value-added reseller, managed service provider, system integrator or consultancy? Steel Thread introduces a innovative suite of products and services for accelerating enterprise DevOps and Continuous Delivery designed for the new era of IT. This creates new opportunities for services and solutions around a next-generational approach. Offer your customers a unique and compelling value proposition for increasing the agility of their IT operations and accelerating alignment to business needs. Whether you are a provider of services, want to resell our products or want to offer both, working with Steel Thread increases the scope of your business in this new era of agility.

Technology Partners

Steel Thread's suite of Continuous Delivery platform technologies enable open, modular solutions that increase in value when integrated with other vendor product solutions across the IT Ops and DevOps management environment.


Working together, it’s a "win-win" proposition for all: our customers, our partners, and our company.