Agile Transformation

Agile Transformation

Steel Thread recognizes that for any organization the transition from the Waterfall process to the Agile process is fraught with people, cultural, organizational and technological challenges.  Successfully accomplishing the transition from Waterfall to the Agile process in our experience is most successful when the organization embeds seasoned, proven Agile practitioners into the transformation process to lead and guide the entire Team to a successful outcome.

Customer commitment and "C" level support is critical to the Agile Transformation process success.  "C" level support includes:

  • Lead, back, support and participate in the Agile transformation process and time line
  • Remove any obstacles that may delay, or hinder success
  • Measure progress, performance, and outcomes
  • Acknowledge and reward favorable Team participation, objective and goal achievement

In the past 4 years, we have completed multiple successful Agile transformations by leading organizations, Program Management Offices (PMO’s), and individual projects through the Agile transformation process and into Continuous Delivery and Dev/Ops.

We strive to align each enterprise to the Agile/Continuous Delivery and ultimately Dev/Ops maturity model.  Depending on the size of the enterprise, fragmentation of IT services units, number of projects underway, and management’s commitment, successful Agile transformation can happen in months, or years, but ultimately it has to happen for all organizations to remain competitive in their market space.

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