Community Collaboration

Community Collaboration

Community based knowledge-sharing expands Enterprise Communication, Collaboration, and Effectiveness

Community and collaboration tools within the enterprise are either non-existent or are based on legacy systems that are difficult and costly to maintain.  Uniting employees, business partners, and other stakeholders into one dynamic, collaborative ecosystem provides significant benefits, including:

  • Visibility and accountability
  • Confidence in performance, stated goals and objectives
  • Accelerated project workflow
  • Greater opportunity for innovation
  • Optimal brand value and recognition through unified messaging across all communication channels

Enterprise Community solutions enable organizations to transform traditional, static intranets into dynamic, collaborative work environments through an array of open source portal and user-generated content functionality.  Managing projects and facilitating open communication among employees and external stakeholders requires a strategic approach to collaboration.  Steel Thread's uniquely tailored open source solutions help increase communication, workflow efficiency, facilitate knowledge sharing and, ultimately, drive innovation and business value.


  • Scalable social media and project collaboration functionality
  • Fully featured portal framework
  • Rules-based document repositories
  • Optimal project efficiency through email and status alert integration
  • Best-in-class security with authentication and permission levels


  • Reduce costs and improve ROI through zero licensing fees and no vendor lock-ins
  • Easily deploy, migrate content and integrate with existing enterprise applications
  • Ensure business end-user adoption through easy-to-use interfaces
  • Streamline workflow with records and email lifecycle management