Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery

Production Ready Software Daily

Continuous Delivery (CD) "...a set of practices and principles for building, testing, and releasing valuable software faster and more frequently..."* (*Continuous Delivery, Jez Humble & Dave Farley)

Holding to Steel Thread's philosophy of use and successful experience with open source software solutions, Steel Thread is very comfortable and confident using open source CD tools such as Puppet and Chef as key technology components of our CD consulting and solutions.

Principles of Continuous Delivery include:

  • Create a repeatable, reliable process for releasing software
  • Automate almost everything
  • Version control everything
  • If it hurts, do it more, and bring the pain forward
  • Build quality in
  • Done means released
  • Everyone is responsible for delivery
  • Continuous improvement

Security Matters:

We quickly analyze and verify the impact of new vulnerabilities to stay ahead of cyber threats.  Continuous Delivery techniques provide a fully embellished inventory of application and infrastructure configurations to determine if a newly discovered vulnerability impacts your system.  If your system is affected by the vulnerability, then apply the patch and validate the updated system through on-demand, automated deployments and perform a full regression test of the application overnight to ensure there are no unexpected results from implementing the patch.

What we do:

Project Program Portfolio Management

For the last four years Steel Thread has embraced and successfully implemented Continuous Delivery solutions on-premise in support of it's customers. Continuous Delivery requires leadership, experience, and coaching skills necessary to align the customers key resources including:

  • People
  • Process, and
  • Instrumentation

The alignment, communication, collaboration of people, process, and instrumentation are all required to move the project, or enterprise to the CD model.  Steel Thread has that leadership, successful past performance and maintains CD as a core Steel Thread service.