Dev / Ops

DevOps enables a unified perspective so teams can effectively determine and address what’s needed to support successful release and delivery of the software into production.  The goal of DevOps is eliminate risk and error prone (painful) manual deployment tasks through automation that will enable frequent release of software.  This combined approach has proven effective and provides compelling benefits in terms of decreased delivery times with increased stability.

The theory of DevOps is predicated on the idea that all elements of a technology infrastructure can be controlled through code. Without cloud that can’t be entirely true.  Someone has to rack the servers into the data center and so on.  In pure cloud operations we get to this sort of nirvana where everything relating to technology is controllable purely through code and is therefore, repeatable, and testable.


  • Starting a server becomes a repeatable process, errors are eliminated
  • Standing up a VM from a script ensures repeatability, compliance and security
  • Scalability...add more VM's from the same script

DevOps + Cloud is self-healing.  What is meant by that is that when you get to a scenario where your entire infrastructure is governed by code, that code can become aware of anything that is going wrong within its domain.

For example:

  • You can automatically detect VM failures, and
  • Automatically bring up a replacement VM
  • You are confident the VM replacement is going to work and it does
  • No more middle of the night telephone alerts for many VM failures because the response is handled automatically

Continuous Integration, Delivery, and Deployment means that your environments are never static and there is no fixed production environment with change management processes that govern how you get code into that environment.  The walls between dev and ops fall down.  You are now running CI, CD, and delivering code continuously not just at the application level but also at the infrastructure level when you fully achieve DevOps and Cloud.

We are ready to DevOps enable your enterprise today.