Open Agile ALM Platform


Agile ALM Platform (Coming Soon)

For the last four years Steel Thread Software has been intimately involved with the engineering and maintenance of Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) - secure software collaboration, development, testing, certification and Continuous Delivery platform.  Parallel to this effort, we have explored numerous open source software solutions with the intent of designing, building, and supporting our own, open sourced based Application Lifecycle Management and Continuous Delivery Platform.  We simply call this "Agile ALM Platform" for lack of a better name.

Open ALM Platform will reflect the functional requirements of key Government Agency stakeholders that Steel Thread is currently engaged with to align their Agencies ALM - Continuous Delivery Platform requirements into Steel Thread - Agile ALM Platform.  The ALM Platform solution will undergo FISMA compliance certification, PKI enablement as these are all requirements of the Government customer.  We plan to offer this solution to all Government Agencies as a SaaS, or on-premise solution, thus mitigating the Governments risk, with engineering, development, testing, certification operational and license expense by collaborating in the ongoing development and support of the ALM Platform.

Open ALM Platform

  • 100% open source solution includes functional capabilities such as:
    • Portfolio / Project Management
    • Application Lifecycle Management
    • Content Management
    • Search
    • Analytics
  • Open Source products may include, but are not limited to:
    • RedHat & JBoss
    • Subversion
    • Jenkins
    • Puppet

Agile ALM Platform will be offered via:

  • SaaS - (Software as a Service) subscription model from Steel Thread's FISMA compliant data center.  Subscriptions fees are based on the Team size (number of subscribers) and are offered as an annual term subscription.
  • On-premise - please contact us for information regarding your on-site deployment of Open ALM Platform