Modern integrated IT approaches such Agile, DevOps and Continuous Delivery are founded on the principle of continuous collaboration between the business and technical team stakeholders to foster a clear, collective understanding of the "definition of done". Evidence-based discussions improve team communication and efficiency.  As a result, collaborative teams are often able to quickly surmount organizational hurdles and achieve more desirable outcomes that traditional siloed organizations can’t.

However, the most challenging aspect of adopting Agile, DevOps or Continuous Delivery is often organizational, not technical. Even with an incremental approach, a DevOps pilot or proof-of-concept takes valuable time away from the team’s already strained processes, and can sometimes becomes a side project for later.   Today, more than ever, federal agencies must create and foster an environment of technology innovation and rapid adoption of commercial best practices.  We work with clients to understand the unique conditions of their project and identify the most appropriate approach.

Our Services

Steel Thread Software helps organizations build better software by leaving manual processes behind and embracing an automated, collaborative and agile way of working.  We provide training, implementation, consulting and support of Agile DevOps best practices led by respected practioners, to help our clients ship better, more secure, software faster and with higher confidence. We build scalable Continuous Delivery solutions to support mission-critical applications.
Organizations that incorporate DevOps practices experience continuous service delivery, fewer errors, faster problem resolution, and more. They deploy 200 times more frequently and with 2,555 faster lead times than those who don’t deploy DevOps. They spend 50% less time remediating security issues and 22% less time is spent on unplanned work and rework. [1]


Let us help you conquer your toughest software development challenges from development to deployment, and start shipping software with confidence at "the click of a button". We've assembled a hand-picked team of cross-disciplined engineers and systems specialists who mentor development and operations teams to deliver faster releases of high-quality applications with higher performance and availability. 


[1] 2016 State of DevOps Report, Puppet Labs.

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