Our Story

Every business starts with a dream. Back in 2009 when we were invited by DISA to create a company and lead the development of Forge.mil (it's collaborative development environment), we took a good, hard look at establishing Agile software development methods at scale, establishing centralized continuous integration services, and applying emerging continuous delivery practices as primary means to improve code quality and to accelerate deployment of software capabilities onto the DoD's nascent cloud infrastructure, "milCloud".


What was needed, we decided, was an automated process of building, integrating testing, and deploying code because the manual processes that dominated the culture were way too complicated, time-consuming, and costly. We knew that in order to change the DoD, we would need to create a new type of company that was motivated by operational efficiencies and acceleration, rather than by simply expanding the program and growing headcount. The US government didn't need just another defense contractor -- they needed a nimble, results driven technology partner. Today, more than 25,000 software developer and other IT community members use DISA's Forge.mil service.


Enter Steel Thread Software. Born out of the need to improve IT service delivery, our dream is to help organizations want to deliver software to clouds as fast and as often as they can, and to build a place where merit trumps tenure, teammates enjoy working together, and ecstatic customers reign supreme. A place where great software development experiences are had by both our customers and our staff.


Since our Forge.mil days, we've been selected to serve as the trusted technology partner to lead barrier-breaking initiatives such as the HHS/CMS's "zONE" and USPTO's "CICM" devops transformation platform.  Today, we are a strong, energized, and diverse group of people with broad backgrounds and decades of experience in building, deploying and managing enterprise scale software delivery pipelines for the Federal Government and blue-chip companies. Our customers have ambitious missions and want to unleash the power of software for their cause or business. Our company is led by a veteran team of vetted and trusted software entrepreneurs and engineers.


Why "Steel Thread"

Our company and product engineering processes are grounded in Agile software development principles including the fundamental premise that software product should be developed incrementally and iteratively, then quickly delivered for inspection by end-users who provide immediate feedback regarding the product's usefulness and value. This feedback allows the team to learn and course correct as needed to deliver real value and satisfy its customer's highest priority needs.


A "steel thread" is a software engineering concept used to describe threads of functionality that weave throughout the product. By determining the steel threads that cut across layers of the system, development teams can focus on incrementally building critical functionality while determining issues and understanding risks as the system design evolves.


Incremental development approaches are essential for Agile teams as they build new features and functionality in small, discrete batches, also known as Iteration or Sprints. The building blocks for functional, working code are established, giving the team confidence in delivering a quality software product.