In 2009, the U.S Department of Defense, Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) established, a collaborative development environment and social coding platform that now supports over 20,000 software DoD IT professionals around the world. Steel Thread supported the DISA Forge PMO as the strategic agile development team to envision and develop the highly successful, awarding-winning service capabilities.


Enabling adoption of open-source and commercial Agile software development best practices within the DoD’s highly complex delivery environment (including a rigorous information assurance compliance and Waterfall heavy process culture).

Why Steel Thread?

Steel Thread's founding members have extensive knowledge in Agile practices and proven experience building collaborative open-source communities within large-scale Commercial and Federal Agency environments.


Steel Thread executed the project using its preferred approach, a combination of agile development and continuous delivery best practices.

  • Provide a secure, centralized repository for Department of Defense (DoD) source code.
  • DIACAP certified (ATO on NIPRnet).
  • Also available on SIPRnet.
  • Reduce duplicity and cut down on lost productivity and expense by Programs-of-Record and projects licensing one-off Application Life-cycle Management solutions.
  • Minimize redundancies across DoD by promoting the discovery and re-use of source code artifacts.
  • Create a marketplace or application store ("AppStore") for DoD.
  • Promote cross program collaboration and re-use.

Commercial best practices were successfully applied to the process-heavy, “security-first” culture of the DoD.

The program:

  • Confirmed DISA’s belief in the viability of open source development within the DoD.
  • Provided project teams with a feature-rich Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tool.
  • Delivered a platform for hundreds of communities of interest (COIs) serving as “incubators” for future development initiatives.

Key Accomplishments

The offering was aggressively adopted within the DoD community and its supporting contractors. As of November 2013, the business office published the following customer metrics: by the Numbers



Communities of Interest


Software Projects


Software Downloads

In under four months, Steel Thread was able to design, develop, integrate, DIACAP certify, test, deploy and begin supporting its first customers on the Given that the typical DoD software project schedule is measured in years and not months, this is a significant accomplishment.

Gain insights into how Steel Thread was able to support its first customers on’s collaborative development environment in under four months, a notable accomplishment given that a typical DoD software project schedule is measured in years.

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Civilian Federal Agency

Discover how one Civilian Federal Agency engaged with Steel Thread to stand-up its agile platform and realized the benefits of automation, including significant improvement in deployment times along with several accelerated project milestone dates.

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